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A 30 second MP3 sample is here: If you first want to make a small download. (half Megabyte)
The full download is here (or here)the password is 12 that is the two digits 1 & 2 (7 Megabites MP3)

Yoga Nidra means silent or psychic meditation, the method is known to be thousands of years old.You are guided to become aware of all of your body.
Near the beginning and end of the meditation you are asked to make an affirmation of your own choosing.

The MP3 format is playable on just about all media players on the computer,
eg windows media player, real player, winamp.

All you need is to find ten free minutes. No phone ringing, no disturbances, and the experience should last the entire day.

The meditation is under eight minutes.

I learned this routine from serena Roney Dougal, who sells a very good 30 minute recording of Yoga Nidra :

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video 5 crop circles May 3 to 10 09

An amateur video which hopefully will wet anyone’s appetite for more

Pictures from


Jung spoke of the collective unconscious: the ability to subconsciously recall ancient rituals and symbols (and events?).

Women predominantly have an affinity with Tarot cards and hand reading. As if an inner voice recalls the experience. Even a refusal seems to garner a smile. Were these standard practices in previous eons?

Once I was with a woman and she had a male chaperon who never said a word. She repeated telling me about a town within eyesight. I retorted: ‘ you told me before and it hasn’t moved’. The chaperon involuntarily laughed. Was he subconsciously recalling Atlantis?

Earth Mysteries: Drovers going to London – MP3 Sound

London is full of places for esoteric learning.

Earth Mysteries, although a recognised genre is a little obscure.

Earth Mysteries is about our lost connection with nature, ley lines etc.

I attended a meeting on the Tenth of Feb, and from the back of the room recorded some sound intermittently.

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Intro only:


Spring PROGRAMME 2009

Feb 10    Trackways, Green Roads & Scots Pines: Drovers’ Routes to London                             Nigel Pennick

Feb 24      A New Imponderable: The history of animal magnetism    Mark McCann

March 10      Investigating Mediumship         Patsy Langley

March 24    Hauntings & Freeing Trapped Spirits       Gareth Medway

Admission £4.00 (Concs. £3.50) Members £2.50

7.00pm Tuesdays (2nd & 4th in month)


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TUBE: Baker Street

Another spiritual Community

Having bore witness to some people in a spritual community, I was left with some questions?

Their basic tenets were “share what is in common”, Be loving, caring, kind, hospitable etc.

To justify their ethos, they could cite the selfishness of the ‘outside’ world. And also they derided ‘religion’ as a perversion of the original intentions of ancient spiritual masters.

Most anyone with a message, particularly a group of people, is likely to attract some financial support. And once we are allowed to live outside of true free market principles, that is, we do not have to produce enough to support ourselves, then there is an irony in our justification, and dogma reaches deeper.

Furthermore the experience is a glimpse of how other religisio – elites probably behave. That they would encourage selfishness and deviance outside of their community as a way of justifying their own existence.

Certainly they were kind caring and noble. But there was also no possibility for individual expression, there were arts: music, dancing, painting and even a very good skit / play. But no self expression or free time was permitted, every effort was to be used to further the message of the community.

They were a healthy group of people. The dogma was stringent, and the most driven would exude even more recitations.

I keep visiting communities, many of them are Very devotional, I wonder if all this sacrifice is a little blinding to what otherwise might be good ideas.

They were a good group of people, but there was a heavy price tag: Devotion, sacrifice, repentance

They aspired towards self sufficiency….

France unveils secret images of aliens and their spaceships

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France took the lead in providing UFO - OVNIs in French - information Thursday when its national space agency unveiled a website documenting more than 1,600 sightings during the past 50 years.Text to all photos by Xinhua
France took the lead in providing UFO – OVNIs in French – information Thursday when its national space agency unveiled a website documenting more than 1,600 sightings during the past 50 years.

Text to all photos by Xinhua

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Hypnotherapy in surgery proven as an effective anesthetic and also as a body controller

All spiritual and psychic development uses meditation as a means of increasing awareness of our subconscious.
Great Indian masters have demonstrated the ability to lower the temperature in a specific part of their body.
So these articles seem relevant, and its reassuring to know it is happening now.
ps. Meditation and hypnosis are related, they both require a slowing down, which requires the eyes to be shut, and the body still.

Iran has 2nd C-section under hypnosis 

Sat, 22 Nov 2008 18:40:18 GMT 
Iranian obstetricians have performed the country’s second caesarean section surgery in the absence of anesthesia using hypnotherapy. 
The patient was subjected to hypnotherapy upon entering the operation room and was ready to have the C-section after 30 minutes, said obstetrician Roya Khodai. 
According to Khodai, the C-section took about half an hour and the baby was born without any notable complications. She added that the patient’s vitals were under control throughout the operation and an anesthesiologist was present in case of unexpected complications. 
Khodai said the only complication reported during the operation was blood loss which was immediately brought under control. 
Both mother and baby are in a good health. 
Khodai claimed hypnosis is an effective alternative to anesthesia for individuals undergoing minor surgeries (C-section is considered as a major operation), ideal for overcoming anesthesia-related complications. 
Hypnotherapy is a successful method in helping individuals deal with a variety of emotional and personal problems such as smoking, overeating and bed-wetting in children. It is also used to help women experience a pain free labor without the use of medication or drugs. 

Hypnotherapy is highly effective for children with long-term abdominal pain or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), new research has found. 

Researchers from St. Antonius Hospital in the Netherlands used hypnosis to relief IBS pain in children aged 8 to18. 
During the three months of hypnotherapy sessions, children were taught about the mind’s ability to regulate bodily functions as well as learning general relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques. 
The researchers compared the results with a control group who received standard education, dietary advice, and pain medication and discussed possible triggers to stomach pain with a support assistant. 
The method was found to be “highly superior” to standard care, yielding a significantly greater reduction in pain. 
Moreover, 85 percent of children in the hypnotherapy group were considered successfully treated versus only 25 percent of children in the control group. 
IBS is a common problem, in which patients suffer chronic gastric discomfort like cramping, diarrhea or constipation. 

Obamas Hand Reading

Obama’s Palm reading


I have been reading hands for ten years.

Now I am good at it, after ten years of blogging I will expect to be good at it.

I do not have good hand prints to read, nor do I know if Obama is left or right handed.

Having said all that:

This is a very warm hearted man, very prepared to give and be supportive, and to be sharing, a caring profession could have suited him.

He grew up confident emotionally, he was not afraid to reveal his feelings.

The imagination is rich, and the more he is tested, the more it will shine, and this is related to generating ideas.

He is highly conditioned to be efficient with his energies, and to make plans, and he has always had a good memory.

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Obama’s Palm reading