Sample Palm Reading April 4 2008 with customer feedback

Hi there
Thank you for a lovely reading! I was reading it saying “That’s so me!!!” I have written in it in bold because you were so right I thought you might be interested to see how right you were!!! Wow !
Thank you so much
anonymous X

—– Original Message —-

Sent: Friday, 4 April, 2008 8:42:23 PM
Subject: Re: RE Photo’s Of Hands (Ebay Purchase Palm Reading, Email , Palmistry, Not a Book, a READING!

anonymous’ Palmreading:

Creativity and writing, Express your individuality in a way that every one can understand.

(I paint and write poetry!!)

And anyway you have had original ideas from an early age, and also a good memory and been good at planning your own ideas.

(I have always been told I have a good memory!)

Ever so focused!!!

(Mmmm very much so!)

Not wishy washy, not flakey! Yet you are not tooo serious.

(I am a bit too serious sometimes for my own good!)

You influence others,

And should have a connection with nature. Is it animals, plants, forests, I don’t know. Although probably: an intrinsic awareness of water; EG. Springs & Waterfalls.

(I live by the sea and spend all my time at the beach or the New Forest!)

You have shed the obsessiveness and addictive type of person you were. That will never be so extreme again.

(Oh I hope so! 🙂 (Could this have been very recent do you think?)

You are a bit of a toughy, and can take a lot, also you are a little principled.

(My daughter Tabby, 7, was born with profound and multiple disabilities following medical negligence, which is a worry but wouldn’t sue the NHS because of my principles!)

Any type of healing work would suit you. You are a natural for taking pain away from others. Suggesting; counselling. Cause you also happen to be a good listener.

(I care for my little girl, Tabby, who has significant medical needs and I am currently doing an OU course in psychiatry!!!)

Love: You are a little ‘all or nothing’. (Yes again!) And again, unlike before, not as domineering as you used to be. (I hope so!!!! 😉 Although I reckon a bit of that will never go away. (ha ha ha I think you’re right!!!)

And it seems you have risen to the challenges of love, which has caused you to be even more sharing and affectionate.

You have considerable strength to keep a bonding, although you tend to get too excited, and possibly lose sight of the other person’s needs. (definately!) This will eventually balance out.

(I hope so!!!! 😉

In the past you were only physically driven, but that was the past, and maybe true for everyone.


You are bright and your nerves are pretty good. You are quite a survivor. Overworrying about your family is behind you.

(I have been worrying about everyone for so long, my nerves did suffer 2 years ago from lack of sleeep but much better in last year!)

Because I keep referring to how you were and how you are, this suggests a person who develops and goes through transitions. I do not do that with everyone, but your hands are reasonably different to each other.

(When you say were and are could this have been a fairly recent (last 5 years or so?)

You have always been caring towards those that you know. (Definately!) You are not a great reformer, trying to change society etc.(I’m all talk no action ha ha ha)

You truly have a remarkable imagination, the type an inventor has, but you might not know it, or even if you do, you might not show it. But the suggestion is: you could put yourself in more challenging situations, where you have to think outside of the box, cause then you will excel!

(I have never tried but will now!!!)

You are very good at passing on knowledge, so teaching is an obvious profession.

And you are a good peacemaker for the people you know.(I try!)

And you are straightforward with people. You are not so interested in ‘being clever’ or hiding your feelings cause there might be something to gain.

(Very true!)

There is a healthy sense of caution, quite balanced, not too much or too little concern for danger/caution.

(Depends on how many glasses of wine I’ve had 🙂 ha ha ha!)

I enjoyed making this reading, cause they are likable hands.

(Thanks so much for a lovely reading!)

Hope you think it’s all okay.

(Very pleased THANK YOU!!!)


Editor: (and yes I replied, but that part is not here….)

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