I am looking for input from you

I would like to make this a collaborative blog.
Or at least to have contributing authours.
I am very much open to suggestions, in case you are interested.
Please make contact
Or just send in a paragraph or two, on what a reading did for you
or what your experience was when giving a reading.


A Grandma……………..

And how will my children be?

And how will my Grandchildren be?

I don’t know I can only see you in your hands.

It is my Grandaughters birthday tommorow, 2 years old.

Well you are very intelligent, so your children should be.

She did not look convinced.

Mom Dad and two sons get a palm reading

I read the Mom Dad and two of the chidren, the two boys. Amazing how different the characters can be, between two brothers. If I had to guess, I would say it has to be related to the pregnancy, the incubation period. Of course I am only guessing.

The authour of a book called ‘what the eye reveals’ says the act of fertilisation is a moment of consciousness. As if everything is decided then. There is a water expert ‘Emoto’ who points out that over 99% of a sperm is water. I will add links later hopefully.

Anyway the father was a little bit of a typical man, and didn’t want to have a palm and tarot reading, actually the Mother didn’t either, she just wanted her son and husband to have it done.

In the end I did the boy in the middle first, he was keen, and well and truly gifted, full stop. Also maybe he was the guinea pig (to see what i was like). Then the mom, who liked it, then the Dad, He was most surprised at the accuracy of the palm reading, the cards didn’t work so well for him, he told me his question (people do not always) so be it, it happens.

I have a very very strong feeling he is a rather senior police officer.

I got 20 euros. And I did the other child’s hands somewhere inbetween it all. I only do children when the parents are listening.

Two daughters, two Moms, a weeks holiday from England

Two eighteen year olds and their Mothers.

They were generous with their compliments, though not to rich with the money. 20 Euros for all and their was a fifth woman (out of shot) whose villa they were staying at. But because of them I got another reading, the picture above. They enjoyed interpreting the meanings of the cards to each others lives.

Normally the cards aren’t too meaningful on youngsters. But on this occasion the eighteen year olds also got a lot out of it.

After today I am not going to continue saying how much I get paid. Anyway I work by donation, people give whatever they want after the reading.

I have to sell myself to get the reading, there is a fine line, because it is also important that the person having the reading is ‘hungry’ for it. If you coerce someone into having a reading it is terrible, they never wanted it to start with.


2nd reading

She was from Croydon, with a hen party it seems, they were all drinking.

In a way me reading Osho cards and doing an Indian palm reading made some sense amidst all kabbable.

One comment I had made was, she has good timing, (large Venus mound), the others heard that and said she is not punctual at work.

She was happy and gave me 20 Euros. The others thought that was mad,but they hadn’t been listening anyway.

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1 reading so far.

This is a chiringuito, that is a ‘beach shack’.
I have made one reading to a Swedish psychologist, she is 55,
I got 25 euros.

She said (due to her personal situation) little children, little problems. Big children, big problems.

Her cards said she had to listen to her maternal instinct more than what learned people had said in the past.
That was in another Chiringuito.
I have no idea of the quality of the photo, until later when I look on a computer, right now I just have my smartphone, and a very old one.