Hypnotherapy in surgery proven as an effective anesthetic and also as a body controller

All spiritual and psychic development uses meditation as a means of increasing awareness of our subconscious.
Great Indian masters have demonstrated the ability to lower the temperature in a specific part of their body.
So these articles seem relevant, and its reassuring to know it is happening now.
ps. Meditation and hypnosis are related, they both require a slowing down, which requires the eyes to be shut, and the body still.

Iran has 2nd C-section under hypnosis 

Sat, 22 Nov 2008 18:40:18 GMT 
Iranian obstetricians have performed the country’s second caesarean section surgery in the absence of anesthesia using hypnotherapy. 
The patient was subjected to hypnotherapy upon entering the operation room and was ready to have the C-section after 30 minutes, said obstetrician Roya Khodai. 
According to Khodai, the C-section took about half an hour and the baby was born without any notable complications. She added that the patient’s vitals were under control throughout the operation and an anesthesiologist was present in case of unexpected complications. 
Khodai said the only complication reported during the operation was blood loss which was immediately brought under control. 
Both mother and baby are in a good health. 
Khodai claimed hypnosis is an effective alternative to anesthesia for individuals undergoing minor surgeries (C-section is considered as a major operation), ideal for overcoming anesthesia-related complications. 
Hypnotherapy is a successful method in helping individuals deal with a variety of emotional and personal problems such as smoking, overeating and bed-wetting in children. It is also used to help women experience a pain free labor without the use of medication or drugs. 

Hypnotherapy is highly effective for children with long-term abdominal pain or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), new research has found. 

Researchers from St. Antonius Hospital in the Netherlands used hypnosis to relief IBS pain in children aged 8 to18. 
During the three months of hypnotherapy sessions, children were taught about the mind’s ability to regulate bodily functions as well as learning general relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques. 
The researchers compared the results with a control group who received standard education, dietary advice, and pain medication and discussed possible triggers to stomach pain with a support assistant. 
The method was found to be “highly superior” to standard care, yielding a significantly greater reduction in pain. 
Moreover, 85 percent of children in the hypnotherapy group were considered successfully treated versus only 25 percent of children in the control group. 
IBS is a common problem, in which patients suffer chronic gastric discomfort like cramping, diarrhea or constipation. 


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