Another spiritual Community

Having bore witness to some people in a spritual community, I was left with some questions?

Their basic tenets were “share what is in common”, Be loving, caring, kind, hospitable etc.

To justify their ethos, they could cite the selfishness of the ‘outside’ world. And also they derided ‘religion’ as a perversion of the original intentions of ancient spiritual masters.

Most anyone with a message, particularly a group of people, is likely to attract some financial support. And once we are allowed to live outside of true free market principles, that is, we do not have to produce enough to support ourselves, then there is an irony in our justification, and dogma reaches deeper.

Furthermore the experience is a glimpse of how other religisio – elites probably behave. That they would encourage selfishness and deviance outside of their community as a way of justifying their own existence.

Certainly they were kind caring and noble. But there was also no possibility for individual expression, there were arts: music, dancing, painting and even a very good skit / play. But no self expression or free time was permitted, every effort was to be used to further the message of the community.

They were a healthy group of people. The dogma was stringent, and the most driven would exude even more recitations.

I keep visiting communities, many of them are Very devotional, I wonder if all this sacrifice is a little blinding to what otherwise might be good ideas.

They were a good group of people, but there was a heavy price tag: Devotion, sacrifice, repentance

They aspired towards self sufficiency….


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  1. Will probably add some music I recorded ….

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