Free Meditation download Yoga Nidra

For personal and non commercial use only

Guided Meditation Feedback

Many Thanks 07-Jan-08

superb meditation highly recommended great communications 13-Jan-08

very relaxing thank you sent very quick 08-Feb-08


A 30 second MP3 sample is here: If you first want to make a small download. (half Megabyte)
The full download is here (or here)the password is 12 that is the two digits 1 & 2 (7 Megabites MP3)

Yoga Nidra means silent or psychic meditation, the method is known to be thousands of years old.You are guided to become aware of all of your body.
Near the beginning and end of the meditation you are asked to make an affirmation of your own choosing.

The MP3 format is playable on just about all media players on the computer,
eg windows media player, real player, winamp.

All you need is to find ten free minutes. No phone ringing, no disturbances, and the experience should last the entire day.

The meditation is under eight minutes.

I learned this routine from serena Roney Dougal, who sells a very good 30 minute recording of Yoga Nidra :

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where you can donate any amount you like:


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