Two daughters, two Moms, a weeks holiday from England

Two eighteen year olds and their Mothers.

They were generous with their compliments, though not to rich with the money. 20 Euros for all and their was a fifth woman (out of shot) whose villa they were staying at. But because of them I got another reading, the picture above. They enjoyed interpreting the meanings of the cards to each others lives.

Normally the cards aren’t too meaningful on youngsters. But on this occasion the eighteen year olds also got a lot out of it.

After today I am not going to continue saying how much I get paid. Anyway I work by donation, people give whatever they want after the reading.

I have to sell myself to get the reading, there is a fine line, because it is also important that the person having the reading is ‘hungry’ for it. If you coerce someone into having a reading it is terrible, they never wanted it to start with.



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